Lean 6 Sigma White Belt

Lean 6 Sigma White Belt

Virtual Classroom Training - real-time, interactive learning

Course Overview

Lean 6 Sigma is a philosophy and methodology which shows people how to identify, and remove waste (waste is something which provides no benefit to Customers). While Lean 6 Sigma grew out of
mass production manufacturing it can be applied across the whole spectrum of business activities
including office working, and Service Delivery. However, to be effective the methodology needs to be adapted into the environment in which it will be used.

Our Lean 6 Sigma courses are aimed at improving people focused systems to organisations providing
a service to their customers.

The White Belt course is that all important first step on the journey into process improvement. It acts as a practical introduction to the subject and a foundation to more advanced courses.

We firmly believe that Lean 6 Sigma should be taught from a practical perspective and our White Belt course is no exception. So even on this short course people will pick up some useful techniques
which they can use to identify and remove waste.

We advocate vocational training and recommend that after the course all participants perform a short “Learning Project” where you can practise your new skills and gain experience. Learning
Projects are most effective if there is a mentoring and support framework – we are happy to provide
this or advise depending on your circumstances. 


4-hour Workshop

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£800 Closed Company Group (9 Max)

Closed Company courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements with no extra fees

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