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It is the quality of our leadership and management that forms the backbone of any organisation.

Leaders and Managers provide a unity of purpose, while also establishing the direction of the organisation. As such, the responsibility of leaders and managers consist of creating and maintaining the internal environment. In this environment, employees are able to become completely involved in achieving the organisation’s goals and aims. In this way, good leadership and management is essential in order to improve quality across the organisation, as the leading force that sets objectives and assists employees to implement these objectives.

Leading and Managing Online Training Courses
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Coaching & Mentoring for Performance

Leading Virtual Staff

Positive Performance Management

Essential Tools for Managers

Developing Aspiring Managers

Achieving Assertive Leadership

Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Creative Problem Solving in an Unpredictable World

Supporting your Teams Mental Wellbeing

Selection Interviewing

Delivering Change

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Chairing and Facilitating Effective Meetings

Dynamic and Effective Management

Effective Delegation

Hosting Online Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Improving Work Attendance

An Introduction to Team Leadership

Lean Business Transformation

Lean 6 Sigma White Belt

Mentoring Training

The Essentials of HR Management

I found the course to be informative and a great reminder of all the stuff we as managers already do – the key to managing people in a virtual setting isn’t hugely different to managing people in an office environment; though I think that some managers reduce their face-to-face communication (via the use of Teams) with members of their team, which can then lead to difficulties. Overall a good course.
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