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Our virtual IT training is aimed at users with a business application and focuses on both the theory and the practical function, helping you to fill skills and knowledge gaps but also helping you to understand how and why certain features could benefit you in your day-to-day usage.

It is delivered as interactive training not as a webinar, in small virtual rooms of no more than 8 participants, thereby ensuring that everyone has the right level of support and the opportunity of practicing new skills and asking questions as you go along.

How our virtual IT training benefits you

As well as being expertly guided through the functions by our expert IT trainers, you will find that most of our virtual courses, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are split over several shorter sessions of usually half days or 3 hours.  This gives you the opportunity to practice in between sessions or to try out new skills and ask further questions during the next session, especially if it didn’t quite work how you expected.

Sometimes people find it difficult to focus during long virtual training days, therefore, a further benefit of shorter virtual sessions is to limit the amount of screen concentration. Scheduling can also be difficult if you have a busy workload and can only be ‘absent’ for a limited amount of time during the working week.

Standard or Tailored Courses

The majority of our virtual IT courses can be taken either by individuals from companies joining a standard or ‘open’ training course, or organisations requiring a  tailored ‘closed’ course.

Depending upon your specific requirements we would be delighted to discuss which solution works best for you. 

Microsoft Certified Partner

And finally, having been a Microsoft Silver Partner since 1993, you can be confident that all of our IT trainers are specialists as well as content and delivery professionals, who continue their own development and skills to the highest level, thereby ensuring that you receive only the very best in training. 

Why not give us a call on (01473) 414 414, or email us at to find out more about how we can help you get the very best out of your technology.

IT Online Training Courses at a Glance

Firstly, thank you Sara (the trainer) for the 2 sessions I think that the information received was a good overview to SharePoint, informative and useful.
West Suffolk
The Office 365 sessions were very informative and Claire is very patient and helpful
Ploeger UK Ltd