Mental Health Awareness – Taking Care of Yourself

Mental Health Awareness

Online Training

Course Overview

In 2020, nearly all of us experienced significant changes to our day-to-day lives, and also in the way we worked.

Our eating habits may have also changed as a result of being at home more, many people have become more sedentary as they are isolated into smaller environments and less able to go out and exercise or move as much as they used to. This may also be impacting people’s sleep, as is the work-life balance being shifted, and the things that matter to our health such as a sense of connection, seeing people/friends/loved ones, and interacting with other people generally, have become massively impacted leaving some feeling isolated and anxious for the future.

In some cases the sudden shift from permanently working from home to hybrid or occasional working from home may be difficult to contemplate or adjust to.

All of these changes can affect your sense of wellbeing and have a negative effect on your personal mental health.

This course will highlight signs of poor mental health and offer participants tools, ideas and tips for day-to-day ways of looking themselves as well as knowing who and how to turn to others for help.


Half-Day (3 Hours)


£750* per group (9 Max)

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