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Course Overview

Many people confuse assertiveness with aggression. However, assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights in an open, non-confrontational way. Yet assertiveness does not come naturally because we have all learned passive or aggressive behaviours to stave off confrontation to try and get what we want.

This virtual classroom course is designed to give participants the appropriate tools and strategies to assert themselves in a wide range of situations at work. They will learn how the proper use of assertive behaviour enables people to deal with work colleagues, customers, suppliers and personal contacts in a way that is productive whilst being receptive to the needs, wants and feelings of other people.


One Day

This course may also be delivered in 2 x half day sessions – please contact us for more details or for upcoming course dates


£330 for 1 participant

Additional participants from the same organisation attending on the same dates qualify for discounted fees as follows:

2 participants – £495

3 participants – £660

4 participants – £825


£910 Closed Company Group (9 Max)

Closed Company courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements with no extra fees

* Please note that all fees shown are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate